Accessing an Ebook

Yorkville University has a small but growing list of ebooks. All but one are universally accessible. Here are some key instructions for accessing an ebook.

1) Searching for an Ebook using Discovery

The primary way to identify an ebook is by means of a simple search of our Discovery Service search option. This searches across our entire library collection. Click here for instructions

2) Browsing Ebooks in “EBSCO Academic” database

  1. Go to the Library homepage site and Select “EBSCO Academic”.
  2. Do not select “Continue”, but scroll down the screen and select “ebook Collection”
  3. Browse or search for the desired ebook title and select the link.

3) Accessing an Ebook

  1. To access an ebook anytime, you select the PDF button. You don’t have to ‘download’ or ‘sign out’ the book.
  2. If you want to read the book offline, that does require the use of the download option, and further instructions.

Ebook Support Video