Problem Linking to Course Readings

Sometimes a link from a course site (syllabus) can be problematic for any number of technical reasons. In such cases, we ask students to do the following: 

  1. Right click the link, and open in a different tab.
  2. Try using a different web browser.
  3. Clear the browser’s ‘cache’ ( you can send a tech ticket to ASK YU if you want help with that process)
  4. Go directly to the Library site to access the article. For example, if it is an EBSCO reading link, you go to the library site, access EBSCO database, search for the title. The article will be available, so you can find it in the library.
  5. Persistent Challenge: If this problem is happening with ‘all’ your links from a course site, then you’d want to consult with a Tech person at Ask YU