MACP, Book Review Essay Support

The following entry concerns the Book Review assignment for PSYC 6153, Counselling Methodologies – Psychodynamic and Humanistic Modalities. The bullet points outline Information Strategies for gaining a sense of the variety of books reviews that are possible, and highlighting ways to obtain your own strategies for higher education.

If you are at all confused about the nature of the assignment, you should contact your instructor to ensure that you are clear on the objectives, expectations, and if they have any specific examples/templates for you.

This site is an excellent source for gaining some perspective on book reviews for Psychology. It has entries on different topics with associated brief book reviews. You’ll notice, however, that they are not formal book reports, so please filter these types of reviews via your assignment parameters.

You can also search for examples, such as Book review essays AND Libguide, in Google.  This retrieves many examples. Libguides are very useful…you can use them for any search, such as “Literature review” AND libguide or ADHD AND Libguide, etc. You can filter your search through this tool to obtain better results online.

The following periodicals are ‘not peer-review’ sources, but they addresses various topics in society from an intellectual and sometimes entertaining perspective.  So, you would not copy this format for your book review, but, you can gain a perspective on how to bring an intellectual and topical approach to a book review.

You can also search for the title of the book in Google Scholar to assess how well it is cited, if there are additional reviews, or general popularity of the text since it was published.

Our databases also have examples of academic book reviews that are published in academic journals. For example, you can search for the title of your book, or any topic on the subject in the databases, and narrow by the source as “review”.  You’ll then have examples of individuals doing a review of a book, or you can simply read through a few examples of reviews…there are many in the databases such as the following.