Troubleshooting Library Access Issues

Selecting a New Web Browser

One of the easiest options for accessing our new system, if you’re having challenges, is trying a different web browser. You would select a browser that you have ‘not’ used previously for library or database research either for Yorkville University or for any other online libraries.

Clearing your Browser’s “Cache/Cookies”

Another way to resolve common access issues is to clear your browser’s cache/cookies, then close your browser and restart your computer . This should be a one time action that resolves the issue from that point forward. You should not have to do this more than one time. If you need support clearing your web browser’s cache/cookies, please contact ASK YU.

Agreeing to EBSCO’s Site Permissions

Agreeing to EBSCO’s site permissions: When accessing the new EBSCO system for the first time, or updating or creating an account within EBSCO, you may find a dialogue option to permit EBSCO to collect data. This is a standard activity of databases to ensure ease of access for patrons. Although you can select either option, saying ‘yes’ resolves many automated access issues.  Please consider this option if you are having challenges accessing the library.

Incognito Mode, Chrome

If you are still having challenges accessing our resources, even after trying the previous options, you can try using incognito mode in Chrome web browser.

Additional Considerations

Completely shutting off your computer:  Remember that when you select an option such as ‘clearing your browser’s cache’, you need to close out your browser and do a complete shut down of your computer. Then turn it back on again.

Delayed Access: Some students find access is only delayed. They clear the cache for their browser, then after a 24 hour period, the browser is providing them full access. So, please ensure you recheck browsers.