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The Role of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office

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To be accessed as subject matter expert to faculty, staff and students when there is a need for consultation on matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Providing education and training on diversity, equity and inclusion, and providing options to resolve issues relating to these areas where appropriate.

Developing policies and procedures related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Collaborating with all functional areas of the business to lead their respective areas of responsiblity while providing strategic support on diversity, equity and inclusion aspects.

Our Team

We are committed to making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion an integral part of our learning and working environments.

Portrait of Thamina Jaferi.

Thamina Jaferi, J.D.

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An experienced diversity, equity and inclusion professional and subject matter expert, Thamina has a background in law, human rights, and equity. In her role, she leads the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy in the development, implementation and administration of various diversity programs, education and training to advance and support a diverse and inclusive workplace and inclusive service provision in the higher education sector and the creative industries. Her most favourite part of her work is connecting with faculty, students and staff from all walks of life and collaborating with them to create change at Yorkville University! Outside of work she loves biking, travelling (with some of her favourite destinations being Cuba, Singapore, Spain, Iraq, and Malaysia), comedy, writing, spirituality, is an avid fan of street art, and is very fond of all things unicorn.

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Diversity Advisory Councils

Diversity Advisory Councils play an important role in enhancing the development and implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across the organization, and creating more inclusive learning and work environments.

Members act as Diversity Champions between the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office (DEIO) and their respective faculties, departments and programs. They also build allyship with underrepresented communities and foster respectful and safe engagement with faculty, students and staff on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

*From time to time calls to renew the membership are launched so stay tuned if you are interested in applying!

Connect With the Council Members

Faculty, staff and students can connect with the members of their respective Diversity Advisory Councils to provide feedback and input on DEI issues. Please feel free to reach out to any members via the Outlook directory to voice your feedback on DEI issues.