Abhijeet Singh

Faculty Member
 Dr. Singh brings over 7 years of corporate and 16 years of academic experience from around the world and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Information Technology. His passion and experience in entrepreneurship led him to start his own social Innovation start-up. Utilizing his entrepreneurial acumen and business knowledge for growth has been very close to his heart, thus he worked closely with many start-ups across the world, helping them with Strategic Planning, Consulting, Commercialization and Marketing. His core competencies lie in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, International Business, Marketing research, Information Technology and Business strategy areas. Dr. Singh is inclined in research domains related to Marketing, Entrepreneurship, IT, Business Strategy, and their amalgamation. Dr. Singh brings a plethora of experience, global exposure, a vast network and entrepreneurial passion for enhanced learning while working with leading organizations, incubators, accelerators, and government agencies across the North American ecosystem and supporting early-stage and lateral start-ups as a consultant, which will benefit his students and their learning, and also the organization in multiple domains. He has an entrepreneurial DNA and while utilizing creative marketing strategies in corporate and academics has brought fruitful results to his students’ overall learning. The ultimate purpose for any new venture is to engage, entertain or enrich consumers through their innovative product and service by creating value proposition and building sustainable business model – that is what he focuses on in his teaching, using real-world examples. Dr. Singh is highly versatile, growth-oriented, and a self-driven academician. His strong critical thinking skills make him a powerful asset. Dr. Singh has built many programs and a business incubator from scratch to attract graduates and postgraduate students into entrepreneurship, impact, and innovation. He has mentored multiple students in starting their own businesses from ideation to commercialization and has been part of several inspiring entrepreneurial stories. He enjoys interacting with students and supporting them through brainstorming, coaching, and training for career advancement, research, and entrepreneurship purposes.