Brad Gaetz

Faculty Member
Brad Gaetz earned an MBA in Management from Athabasca University, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of Calgary, He has been instructing marketing and management courses at the university level for several years. Throughout his academic career, he has developed and taught courses in Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, International Business Management, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship, Change Management and Sales Management. Brad’s research interests lie in developing various economic development models that assist student’s in determining entrepreneurial opportunities and markets. He has a keen interest in leveraging technology to develop innovative teaching applications, and enjoys creating interactive and engaging classroom environments. He has spent much of his recent career working with companies seeking to develop new national and international markets including Europe, China, the Caribbean and Latin America, and has developed a strong understanding of global issues and opportunities. Brad is the father of two university students, and maintains residence in Calgary, Alberta. He is active in business mentoring for both new entrepreneurs, and also business’s seeking to grow nationally and internationally.