Carla Weaver

Faculty Member
HI! I am Dr. Carla Weaver and I look forward to working with you this term. I live on Vancouver Island with my dog, Paco. I have taught business courses online for many years and love it! I have also taught in the classroom and in blended learning environments in both corporate training and academic settings. I worked for IBM Canada for a number of years and I have also worked for a small charter airline company, a construction management company, and a hardware wholesaler. For the last several years, I’ve been working in the academic world as an instructor and doing a lot of course development. I received my doctorate in 2014. While my experience and interests are in business, I actually did my doctorate in psychology. I wanted to study creativity and decided to study in a psychology program to pursue that interest; however, I apply my creativity in business and education. I like traveling, swimming, yoga, walking my dog and painting.