Costa Karavas

Faculty Member
Costa Karavas brings more than 20 years of experience teaching Mathematics and Statistics in Universities and Colleges across Canada. He holds a MSc from McGill University (1991) and an BSc from the University of Athens (1988). He has conducted research at UBC and has played an integral role in developing and articulating university transfer courses in BC. He has held the position of Mathematics Department Leader for 12 years, currently the Secretary of the BC Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics (BCCUPMS) and co-chair of the BC Mathematics Adult Basic Education Articulation Committee. He also sits on a Research Ethics Board Committee. He is a recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award (2015) and has published several educational and scientific articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. His current research interests focus on educational technologies and their integration into learning. Before becoming an educator, he conducted research in geophysics and worked as an exploration geophysicist, digital satellite imagery analyst and software database developer. He is a passionate instructor, committed to providing a supportive learning environment for all adult learners of diverse cultures and backgrounds, widely varying needs and abilities, learners with a first language other than English, and learners with various physical and learning disabilities.