Daniel Diaz Reyes, Ph.D., J.D

Faculty Member

Daniel Diaz Reyes holds a professional background in Anthropology, Education, Ethnic Studies, and Law. His sense of community is based on the Afro-Indigenous people of Costa Chica and Nahuatl speakers of southern Mexico, and the ethnogenesis cultures in liberation of southern California.

Daniel has over 25 years of experience in education, teaching in multiple settings ranging from elementary to university classrooms. His scholarship concentrates on pedagogical management, politics of schooling, and curriculum design to support the implementation of liberatory projects in education. The projects address education systems as sites of social reproduction to examine transnationalism, human movements, and youth culture with a focus on Black, Brown, Chicana, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. His approach towards education is community-based, where relationships are accessed under the guidance that: (a) everyone knows more than they are given credit for, and (b) people have personally experienced the things they care about professionally and work to highlight the diverse sources of knowledge to challenge inequality.

The current project Developing Interactive Experiences for Nahuatl Language Learners is based on indigenous language revitalization endeavors that acknowledge the effects of colonialism and transnational assimilation policies. The goal is to establish an open access online education resource for Nahuatl language instruction, including an interactive content repository for educators, students, and community members. Nahuatl is an indigenous language spoken by an estimated 1.5 million people living in Mexico, Central America, and the United States. Daniel Diaz Reyes is committed to actions that build spaces for positive cultural, educational, and creative community growth.


Research Interests:
Education: Pedagogy Theory and Praxis, and Liberatory Knowledge
Anthropology: Ethnography of Schooling, Race Deconstruction, and Culture Studies
Ethnic Studies: Black, Brown, Chicana, and Indigenous Communities
Law: Critical Race Theory Discourse


Media Presence:
• D Report Online: A dialogue at the intersection of Anthropology, Education, Ethnic Studies, and Law | https://dreport.org/
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Coffee Chat Ep. 13 | Is Hispanic a Race or Ethnicity? (2022, September 30) 
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