Doris MacKinnon

Doris MacKinnon, PhD

Faculty Member

Doris MacKinnon earned a BA (English), MA (Canadian History), PhD (Canadian Indigenous History), and an MEd (Adult Indigenous Education). Relying on mixed methods, archival and oral history research, her primary areas of focus are Indigenous history, culture ,and education. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she has expertise in decolonizing curriculum and has instructed in the areas of post-colonial Canada, settler–Indigenous relations, Indigenous history, and Indigenization of education. She has held leadership positions at post-secondary institutions and national non-profit associations and is passionate about diversity initiatives, blended learning, ethical leadership and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Dr. MacKinnon has served in a professional capacity as a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Feminists, The Western Association of Women Historians, the Canadian Association of Instructional Designers, The Canadian Association of Continuing Care Educators, and as an Associate Editor of The Canadian Journal of Scholarship and Teaching. Her publications include numerous full-length studies and articles exploring the lives of Indigenous women as well as inclusive education. Media interviews and reviews of her publications can be found on her website: