James Lipot

Faculty Member
Jim Lipot, MBA, Founder of JGLipot Consulting, has been consulting for businesses of various size and industries (including non-profits) on matters of Human Resources issues, Safety, Risk Management, Process Control, Employee Relations, Cost Containment, Procurement and Project Management, and performs and conducts research (including customer satisfaction, time studies, due diligence, statistics, performance improvement, etc.). Lipot has been teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses for more than 10 years. Some of the courses taught are Critical Thinking, Marketing, Statistics, Communications, Project Management, and the Capstone courses. Lipot earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2003 from the University of Phoenix, Southern California Campus, and is in the process of earning his Doctor of Education degree from Walden University (anticipated 10/2017). He has over 30 years of management experience with firms ranging in size from 5 employees to over 5,000. He has been employed in all forms of business, from phone sales, to retail, to manufacturing, to publishing. Some of his greatest achievements include: . Reducing safety-related costs by 75% within 90 days without increasing injuries over an 18-month period for a circuit board manufacturer; . Provided safety training to local and national companies on topics ranging from Heat Stress to Back Safety, from General Safety Awareness to Personal Protective Equipment use; . Contributing articles and seminar discussions on small business operations and management, including HR, Safety, Risk Management, the economy, and more. As a safety professional, constantly conduct research into the methodology and products to prevent or reduce injury severity. Special Investigation Unit (fraud) Department Manager for an insurance company, including providing training to new and current employees about claims procedures, tactics, and fraud prevention. Responsible for risk management for a national automakers company-owned and leased vehicles in excess of 2500. Created the emergency preparedness plan for a national company. Seminar presenter at various conferences. Co-wrote or featured in many articles on various business topics.