James Randall

Faculty Member
As managers our primary role is to provide leadership to increase the success of our enterprise. When I look back on my career I realize this largely involved changing what we did and how we did things as circumstances changed and new opportunities presented themselves.  The lesson I have learned is that we improve our chances for success and our ability to be more successful when we clearly articulate our interests and the interests we serve. This allows everyone to collaborate around the interests of the enterprise and the interests of the people served by and engaged with the enterprise in determining how we can be more successful.  My career has always involved marketing. First I was in Sales with Imperial Oil and then Marketing with an industrial division of Molson Industries. Most of my career was with BC Gas and its predecessor Inland Natural Gas. Here I was: • Marketing Manager • Vice President Marketing • Vice President Operations • Vice President Customer Services Even as VP Operations my interests were to create a customer-focussed enterprise and to develop new products and services. I now operate my own consulting firm, which deals with marketing issues in the energy utility industry and change management issues in other enterprises. I have: • BSC from the University of Manitoba • MBA from Queen’s University specializing in marketing and organizational behavior • Courses in Export Marketing and Customer Service • I have a lifelong interest in marketing