Jamil Ammar

Faculty Member
Teaching business-related courses has been an exciting opportunity for me. Before joining Yorkville, I had the privilege of working with numerous creative students from all walks of life in the face-to-face and online contexts with the AIU Business School, Edinburgh Law School (UK), Rutgers Law and Business Schools (USA), Osgoode Hall Law School (Canada). I developed and delivered many business, law, and technology-related programs. As well, I served as an international legal consultant for many leading companies in the US and elsewhere. My scholarly work includes more than 15 articles, essays, and books accepted for publication in the International Journal of Law and Information Technology (Oxford University, UK), the Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal ( US), Gonzaga Law Review ( US), Palgrave Pivot/Springer Publishing, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology, International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, Ratio Legis, a Lisbon-based Law Research Center, European Intellectual Law Review, international trade law and regulation, among others.