John Chetro-Szivos

Faculty Member
Dr. John Chetro-Szivos holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with emphasis in Organizational, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication. He also has earned an MBA, and graduate degrees in Counseling. Dr. Chetro-Szivos has held the rank of Full Professor, Associate Dean, and currently he is a Visiting Professor at his Alma Mater Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States. He has been part of Yorkville University for over a decade. His work experience includes serving as the CEO of multiple behavioral health organizations, working as an organizational consultant, an advisor to the World Health Organization, and over three decades in academia. He has authored multiple journal articles, book chapters, and books. His goal in the courses he teaches is to unify practical knowledge with theory, believing both are needed to fully understand concepts and to develop practical abilities. It is his belief teaching that relies solely on the experiential does not provide the student with the ability to see the connection to knowledge of their field. Without a theoretical understanding, most people would approach situations on a trial-and-error basis. However, a method that relies on the theoretical alone can be meaningless as the connection to everyday life is lacking. Without applicability students are likely to regard the material as useless. It is his goal to bring the practical and theoretical together through readings, reflective discussions, projects, and writings asking the student to reflect and think about the material and their own experiences. He works to make the classroom a place where people feel safe and enjoy interacting and learning together. Dr. Chetro-Szivos has been teaching in an on-line environment for the past 20 years. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and is often joined by his four grandchildren in thrilling moments and mischief.