Kathryn Crawford, EdD

Faculty Member

Kathryn Crawford holds an EdD in Curriculum and Learning from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada where she studied organizational storytelling of preservice teacher field experiences through the living stories of school-based administrators. Dr. Crawford is interested in troubling the taken-for-granted socialization and evaluation of preservice teachers, identity development of preservice and early-career teachers, the role of communication in the authorization of the idealized teacher through field experience, as well as preservice teacher identity journeys through relational engagement with Indigenous communities and introduction to traditional Indigenous knowledge.

Her experiences as an educator with students in First Nation communities, special education programs, inclusive classrooms, and with preservice teacher/partner teacher partnerships continues to affirm the importance of first-person stories in education and vulnerability in teachers and teacher educators. When designing courses, Dr. Crawford centres ethical inclusion and two-eyed seeing through critical reflection of self and place, collaboration, and flexible design for student agency. Current research includes co-investigation of preservice teacher critical engagement with notions of “classroom management”/student engagement; the continuity of collaborative behaviour in early career teachers; and teacher practices in the implementation of Alberta’s Teaching Quality Standard 5 “Foundational Knowledge of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis”.