Mohammed Alam

Faculty Member
Mohammed Nurul Alam obtained his Ph. D. in “Small Business Finance by Islamic Banks” from Lund University in Sweden. He has a Master’s in Accounting degree and completed a Chartered Accounting Course in Bangladesh. He has been teaching in the field of business since 1976. He brings experience from around the globe; from Kenya (at the Kenya Institute of Administration KIA), where he worked with the United Nations Development Program as a Lecturer in Accounting & Finance, Sultanate of Oman, Assistant Professor in Accounting (in the Department of Business Administration at the Sultan Qaboos University), Indonesia (in the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance at Trisakti University, West Jakarta), where he worked as a visiting professor and developed a course for the PhD program entitled ‘Network, Micro Finance and Islamic Bank.’ Dr. Alam also worked as an Associate Professor at Canadian University, Dubai, UAE, and taught Accounting to MBA students in the Department of Business Administration. Dr. Alam also worked as the coordinator of a Federal Government Project entitled ‘Fresh Start’ funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada, where he taught women in the Region of Peel how to start small home-based businesses. Apart from teaching, Dr. Alam has presented research papers on “Small Entrepreneurs Finance by Islamic Banks” at international conferences in more than 18 nations of the world. Many of his articles are published in different international journals and wrote a book entitled “Empowering Small Entrepreneurs by Islamic Banks” published in 2009 (available at Today, Dr. Alam continues his academic journey by writing papers and presenting them at international conferences. He recently returned from presenting one of his papers at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. If he were to describe himself using one word, it would be “wanderlust”; by now he has travelled to over 42 countries. As Shakespeare once said, “The world is my oyster.”