Nicki Rehn, EdD

Faculty Member

I am an Australian-Canadian living in Calgary, Alberta. I started my career in K-12 education as a middle school math and science teacher, first in Australia, then Canada, and then in international school classrooms in West Africa. I served as vice principal in Calgary for three years, while completing an MEd in Curriculum and Assessment, and then moved into instructional design at the university and college level, completing my Doctor of Education in remote and online learning. This led to a teaching position at Ambrose University for eight years and eventually into my own consulting work in program evaluation and workshop facilitation. During the COVID pandemic, I was Dean of Teaching and Learning at Coast Mountain College where I learned to lead in complex systems. One of my proudest achievements was helping to develop a teacher training program for the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan. Most recently, I was invited to consult on a national education reform project in the Kingdom of Bhutan and spent four months living in the Himalayas among the beautiful people there. When not thinking, reading, or dreaming about education, I spend every spare moment outdoors, preferably in the mountains, trail running, mountain biking, climbing, and exploring. I have competed in some of the coolest ultramarathons around the world and have many more objectives on my bucket list.

Research Interests: assessment, academic integrity, feedback, pedagogy, curriculum, online and remote learning, adult learning, teacher presence, instructional technology, program evaluation.