Sarvanathan Jeganathan

Faculty Member
Sarva Jeganathan started teaching at Yorkville University in fall 2014. Apart from teaching at Yorkville University, the rest of his teaching is at Humber College and Centennial College. He has a master’s degree in business administration from University of Wales, and a master’s degree in project management from University of Southern Queensland. His current research is focused on capital markets, financial econometrics, forecasting, and supply chain management. Before taking up teaching full time, he has worked as a business development manager for Virtusa Inc and has founded and operated two businesses, an educational institution, and a web development company. He has co-authored a book ‘Distribution Management’ (M&N Solutions, 2005) and a journal ‘Factors that influence e-learning adoption by international students in Canada’ (Int. J. Management in Education, 2020).