Wenqing (Lennie) Zhang

Faculty Member
Dr. Zhang is an Operations and Supply Chain Management scholar with over 10 years of experience in teaching and research. He received his PhD in Management Science/Operations Management from McGill University in 2012. Dr. Zhang’s areas of expertise include responsible supply chain management, the impact of social responsibility on decision making in operations, operations and supply chain risk management, and game theoretic models. His papers have been published in the European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Cleaner Production, and many others. He has served as a reviewer for many leading academic journals including MIS Quarterly, International Transactions in Operational Research, Annals of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Research and European Journal of Operations Research, etc. He teaches courses in supply chain management, operations management, problem solving and decision modeling, business statistics and applied research methodology to graduate and undergraduate students.