Master of Education

Welcome to the Master of Education (MEd)

In the faculty of Education, our focus is you – supporting your learning journey, assisting you to reach your goals, and celebrating your ability to leverage education to change lives in your own communities. We recognize and value the rich experiential knowledge that brings you to higher education, and we are committed to cultivating learning spaces that position those experiences as co-curricular.

Our Specializations


Our Vision
The Faculty of Education strives to be recognized as a quality provider of accessible professional degrees in graduate education as it bridges theory and practice to prepare competent educators to serve diverse populations across multiple contexts.
Our Mission
The Faculty of Education promotes rigorous study and its innovative application as it prepares practitioners to foster development in students, schools, workplaces, and the communities that support them. In leveraging technology, the faculty is committed to providing accessible, current, and credible learning as it prepares graduates to work toward a socially just society.
Our Core Values

Teaching and Learning Excellence. The Faculty of Education is committed to providing an exemplary learning experience through teaching practices that are engaging, meaningful, and challenging.

Theory / Practice Synergies.
The Faculty of Education actively promotes a clearly defined connection between education theory and pathways for achieving educational outcomes in professional contexts.

Reflexive Capacity.
The Faculty of Education encourages reflexive inquiry as a conduit to enhance professional effectiveness. Guided by the principles of self-directed learning, reflexive praxis is positioned as the foundation of continuous professional growth.

Social Justice.
The Faculty of Education is dedicated to critical practices that promote and advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Specializations

Master of Education in Educational Leadership - Leadership in Learning (Fully Online)
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Master of Education in Educational Leadership - Educational Administration (Fully Online)
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Master of Education in Adult Education Degree (Fully Online)
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